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How to Get Out of Debt as Fast as Possible (Ep. 238)

Debt isn’t always a bad thing.

For the anthropology-minded, one could argue that debt was and is a crucial piece for building modern human civilization.

But, to many of us, debt is one of the scariest four-letter words in the English language. Given the student debt crisis we’re currently experiencing in the United States and the ever-present mountain of credit card debt, it’s not that surprising.

So, we’re talking about how to get out of unwanted debt as quickly as plausible. Maybe we can’t all be debt-free tomorrow, but let’s see if we can bring that magical day as close as we can.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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Other things we mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:09:31 – Two different methods for paying off debt
  • 0:19:09 – Investing in yourself to help you pay off debt earlier
  • 0:32:37 – Sponsor: Brilliant (Learning problem-solving skills)
  • 0:35:38 – Sponsor: Simple Contacts (Renewing your contact lenses)
  • 0:37:58 – Should you pay off your debt as fast as possible?
  • 0:49:04 – How to pay off your debt faster
  • 0:52:27 – Taking on new loans to pay existing ones
  • 0:57:53 – The money pipeline
  • 1:02:59 – Focusing on growing instead of just making cuts
  • 1:17:00 – Recap and conclusion

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How to Get Out of Debt as Fast as Possible