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My Hack For Waking Up Early Every Morning

I love the early mornings – especially when there’s time between waking up and the first thing I actually have to do.

However, waking up early enough to have that free time in the morning is really hard. For most of college, I was never able to discipline myself enough to get it.

Instead I’d always wake up with just enough time to get to my job or my first class. Maybe I’d have enough time to quickly eat, though I just skipped breakfast on a lot of days.

Fast forward to today. Now, I wake up every single morning (Mon-Fri) at 5:50 AM and start on an efficient morning routine.

How did I do it? I explain my entire process in this video. Being a geek, it’s quite tech driven – but it’s easy enough for anyone to set up.

If you’re unable to see the video above, you can view it on YouTube.

Video Notes

How to wake up early without fail - tips from a recent college grad
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I actually wrote about this method in my post a few months back on my Buffer wake-up system. I wanted to make a video on it, however, so here it is. It’s also an update: it’s now been 6 months since I started using this method to wake up early.

The results? I’ve never slept in since starting it.

Have you found any other methods for waking up early that work well? Share yours in the comments!

Also, part of my morning routine is to quickly check the CIG guild on HabitRPG. If you want another reason to wake up early, join the guild and post in the chat room when you’ve woken up at your target time. I’ll be there to give you some props 🙂

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