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What’s in My Backpack: A Tour of the Gear I Pack Now (And What I Used in College)

I’ve had a few requests to do a video that goes through the gear I pack in my bag, so here it is!

As an independent author, speaker, and video producer, the gear in my bag represents the work that I regularly do. My backpack accompanies me most often to coffee shops or to Gravitate, an awesome co-working spot in Des Moines.

I also take it with me when I travel to conferences and speaking engagements, as well as to the odd shooting location when I want to include some cool b-roll in a video.

Those of you with keen eyes will notice that the word “class” is not among those locations. While I do still take classes on Coursera and do plenty of self-directed learning, it’s true that I’m no longer carting textbooks to classrooms on a campus anymore.

For that reason, I’ve also included an extra section to this video that covers things I used to pack in my bag, back when I was a student at Iowa State.

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