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The Cost of Skipping a Class (and How to Do It Correctly)

Should you ever skip a class?

You’re probably expecting me to say, “Always go to class you dingus,” because I’m old and have a beard and could have been a teacher at this point if I’d majored in something differently.

But if I was going to say that, this video would be five seconds long and wouldn’t even be worth clicking on. Instead, let’s look at this objectively.

First things first: if you’re in high school, you’re legally required to go to class. It’s, like, the law or something, I think. If you’re in high school, go to class.

College classes are a different question, because in college, you’re:

  • An adult who can make their own choices
  • Choosing to pay for education that is no longer legally required

And that’s the main thing: you’re paying for these classes. In fact, you can break down how much you’re paying for each class with some simple math.

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