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Lessons from The Personal MBA (Ep. 166)

Business, business, business. Say what you will, it drives much of the world we know. Sure, we’re both graduates of a business major, but today we’re going over a book filled with lessons and concepts from business that can be useful for almost anyone.

This is also our first video episode! If you like, you can watch it below or on our YouTube channel:

By popular request, we’re working on moving the podcast to a video format, and eventually we’re going to be live-streaming it every week (more details when we figure that bit out).

If you’re a fan of the audio feed and want to keep listening to the podcast while you’re cooking or fighting bears, don’t worry. We won’t be adding anything to the show that can’t be fully understood and enjoyed just through audio.

The Personal MBA

Specifically, we’re talking about six lessons we pulled from The Personal MBA, by Josh Kaufman. While not literally a replacement for a degree in business, The Personal MBA is a fantastic reference for anyone hoping to run or work for a business (which is most people, I would imagine).


Things mentioned in this episode:

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Lessons from The Personal MBA