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How to Read And Learn More Effectively (Ep. 48)

Shane ParrishWant to learn how to read books more effectively and retain more of what you learn?

I’ve been following Shane Parrish, the founder of the excellent Farnam Street blog, for quite a while now. At Farnam street, Shane posts lessons from the many, many books he reads – covering subjects including psychology, business, philosophy, and more.

What’s the goal of all this reading, you ask?

“I have a fairly simple objective: I want to go to bed each night smarter than when I woke up. I also want to live a meaningful life and become a better person.” – from Shane’s About page

This is a life philosophy that I definitely share with Shane, so I wanted to have him on the podcast to discuss how he goes about living it.

In this episode, you’ll learn how he reads and takes notes from books, why Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger swore by “mental models,” and more.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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