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5 Reader Questions: Dealing with Setbacks, Tiredness, and Dream Job Selection (Ep. 82)

Reader Q&ALet’s answer more questions!

Once again, I’m joined by my friend and roommate Martin Boehme to play some games and offer our perspectives on five questions from readers. Martin hasn’t been on the show since episode 42, so it’s fun to have him back.

In this episode, we’ll tackle questions about:

  • How to choose a company to work for once you’ve settled on a major or industry
  • Which types of jobs MIS majors do after college
  • Dealing with too many interests
  • How to work out early in the morning without being tired all day afterwards
  • Coping with setbacks and staying positive

…and more.

Additionally, you’ll hear about the awesome tactic Martin used to land his current job. Enjoy!

Things mentioned in this episode:

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