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5 Reader Questions! Resume Tips, $100K Salaries, And… Worms? (Ep. 29)

Your college questions... answered by men in silly hats.Hey look, we’re back to answer your questions! And by we, I mean Martin Boehme and myself – in case you didn’t know.

And for the record, Martin is terrible at any and all video games and is soundly defeated by me during the course of this episode. Would I lie to you?

Anyway, in this reader Q&A episode, we’ll tackle topics including:

  • How to deal with night classes
  • Writing a resume when you don’t have a lot of experience
  • Learning how to code
  • Finding a job that pays… $100k a year?!?
  • How to keep from juggling too many things at once

…and more beyond that. It’s great fun.

Things mentioned in this episode:

Resources of the Week:

At the beginning of each episode, I briefly feature one tool I’ve found to be useful, as well as one learning resource I’ve found enlightening.

  • The Tool: Anki is a wonderful tool for learning pretty much anything that involves lots of facts. It uses the principle of spaced repetition to quiz you more efficiently than normal flash cards. Use it!
  • The Learning Resource: This week I’m featuring The Podcast History of Our World, which is a podcast that has a lot more effort put into it than this one (what’s research?) and is definitely worth your time if you want to learn about the history of the entire human race. Props to Rob Monaco for putting this fantastic show together.

Listener Tip of the Week

This week’s listener tip comes from Justin Nauman. Thanks Justin! Check out the episode to hear his tip.

“Hey, I have a great tip too!” – you

On every episode listener tip on each episode before I dive into the main content. Want to be featured on the podcast? I’m looking for tips in each of these categories:

  • General college tips – learning, studying, productivity, etc
  • Jobs and internships
  • Money management

If you’d like your tip featured on the show, email it or tweet it to me!

Also, remember to leave your name – and if you’d like me to give a shoutout to something of yours (your website, twitter profile, etc), mention that as well.

A couple great quotes from our conversation:

“If you want to earn a lot, become more valuable than the competition.” | Tweet This

“Momentum beats optimization every time.” | Tweet This

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