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5 Questions: Video Games, Language Learning, and Thinking Out Loud (Ep. 184)

Five questions come in, five answers come out. You can’t explain that.

Well, maybe you can, since we do this fairly regularly. Regardless, we’re answering five new questions today, and since we recorded this on Halloween, we’re in costume.

In this week’s episode, we’ll be answering these fine questions from the depths of the internet:

  • How long do you play games on a weekly basis while still being productive?
  • Should I only do one language at a time or try learning several?
  • I think best out loud — what should I do when I don’t have someone to talk to?
  • Why not just put everything into Anki?
  • I’m graduating soon, but I’ve realized I don’t like my major career path. What should I do?

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:05:45 – How to submit questions for the podcast
  • 0:06:50 – Balancing video games with productivity
  • 0:12:23 – Having a backlog of things you want to read, watch or play
  • 0:18:42 – Learning several languages, or other skills, all at once
  • 0:27:37 – Thinking out loud without someone to talk to
  • 0:34:15 – Putting everything into Anki or similar systems
  • 0:43:30 – Switching your major down the line and pivoting
  • 0:54:15 – The 3 elements of having fulfilling work
  • 0:57:06 – Conclusion

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5 Questions: Videogames, Language Learning, and Thinking Out Loud