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How to be a Startup Co-founder and a Student – with Leo Widrich

What’s the best way to learn how to do something? By doing it, of course! However, another method that’s almost as good is listening to other people who have been there and done that. Why do you think your school organizes job shadowing opportunities and brings in speakers? Listening to someone talk about their experiences can be a lot more interesting and useful than reading a textbook.

Now that I’ve got my sweet new webcam, I can help you do just that. Today marks the start of our new interview series, in which I’ll be interviewing people who are kicking ass either during college or after it.

Today’s interview is with Leo Widrich, a co-founder of Buffer. Buffer is a Twitter app that lets you space out your tweets throughout the day, so you never flood your followers with too many tweets at one time. I’ve been using Buffer for a while now, so I thought it would be interesting to get to know one of the founders and talk about what they do.

I also talk with Leo about how he balances working on Buffer with his college career, and his answers might surprise you. With that, here’s the interview! (And yes, I know the logo stinger is using the old logo. This video was created before I got the final version of our new logo.)

Hope you enjoyed the interview! Here are some takeaways I thought were important:

  • To be remarkable, you need to focus. Spreading yourself too thin is a recipe for burnout and mediocre results.
  • Twitter can help you network with others and build your personal brand.
  • Grades aren’t everything; if you’re doing something remarkable, it will overshadow your GPA.

What did you think of the interview? What could I do better? Let me know in the comments. 🙂