5 Tips for Crafting Great Speeches and Presentations

If you’re like most people, you would probably rather die than present in front of a classroom. I’m not exaggerating: in this Gallup poll from 2001, the fear of public speaking is ranked #2, ahead of the fear of death (#6).

From my experience, the main reason why people are afraid of public speaking is because they don’t want to mess up in front of others.

In this blog post, I’ll help you prepare and deliver a presentation that not only staves off embarrassment, but also makes people sit up and pay attention. Read More…

The Secret To Being an Articulate Speaker

When I was a senior in high school, my final college decision came down to two schools: the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Neither was my “dream school” (I never had one), but I was pretty certain that I would end up going to UCLA.

Honestly, I applied to USC sort of on a whim and I never thought I would end up going there. Mainly because I knew it was such an expensive school (it’s one of the most expensive universities in the nation) and I knew my parents wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Well, that was before I ended up getting a half-tuition scholarship from USC and no scholarship from UCLA…

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How To Become An Expert Networker (Even If You’re Shy)

This is a guest article from my good friend Bud Hennekes, who writes down more thoughts over at A Boundless World. As I mentioned in our recent podcast conversation, Bud is a pro at making connections and building relationships with successful people. I’m cavorting around New York this week, so I asked him to drop some knowledge bombs for those of you who want to learn the skill of networking as well.

I absolutely loathe the term “networking”.

Really, I do. Just saying the word instantly brings up the cliche scenario of the sleazy salesman (or woman) shoving a business card down your throat.

“Buy my product! You need my service! I know EVERYONE in the room — I’m a special snowflake! Me. Me. Me.”

Gag. If the previous scenario is something you aspire to emulate, do us both a favor and scroll your mouse up to the top right corner and click the “X”.

Still with me? Good. It appears you have a soul.

For those of use with souls, networking is simply a catch-all term for things we all want to do: connect with people, build mutually beneficial relationships, and make friends. Unfortunately, these things don’t come naturally to a lot of us.

But there’s this Dirty Little Secret No One Tells You.

Ready for the secret? Read More…

14 Hard-Hitting Reasons Why You Must Start A Blog In College

If you’re not currently hooked up to an iron lung, you’ve probably heard and followed these two classic pieces of advice:

  • Never get involved in a land war in Asia
  • Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line

These are fantastic pieces of wisdom to keep in mind if you’re currently interested in not dying. I would also add to the list, “Press X to not die.”

If you’ve already got the whole not dying thing down, and are now looking to do things like impress recruiters, build your resume, and learn new skills, then I have another piece of advice:

You need to start a blog.

Almost six years ago, Kelly Sutton (the guy who started HackCollege), posted an article about his own college blogging experience. The title should be a clear message – Want a Job? Start a Blog. Here’s the main takeaway…

“A well-formed blog is like a resume that’s constantly updating itself” Tweet This

My experience reflects this quote perfectly.

Here are my top 14 reasons why you should start a blog while you’re still in college. Read More…

Why Nobody Wants Your Help (And What To Do About It)

Note: I’ve written this article with a college focus, but it’s relevant to anyone who wants to help people but isn’t quite getting the attention of the people they want to help. Read on, do-gooders!

It’s sad, really.

I mean, if I wasn’t the kind of guy that crushes man’s head between thighs like sparrow’s egg, I might even cry a bit.

All throughout the school year, all over campus, I see tables set up. Tables manned by well-meaning, yet bored-looking students representing groups and clubs of all different kinds.

What do these people want? That’s easy. They want to help.

“I just want to help people.”

The first thing I always notice about a student manning a booth in a hallway or sidewalk isn’t the sign. It isn’t the free swag they’re giving away. It isn’t the cheeto stains on their shirt.

It’s the fact that, most of the time, they’re sitting there alone, not helping anyone.

Why Nobody Wants Your Help

So say you’re part of a club. You’re a passionate member, and you just know your club could make the lives of students easier and better. Maybe it’s even the student government, in which case you feel like your niche is every student.

You’ve got a big sign up saying, “Ask me anything.”

Or, “Give us your ideas to improve the school.”

Why are you sitting there alone? Why isn’t anyone coming up to ask a question?

I’m going to get to the answer in just a second. Read More…

Build A Personal Brand You Can Be Proud Of

I want to become violently ill every time I hear a student talk about their goals like this:

“Uh, I just want to graduate and get job somewhere.”

That’s the most lazy, thoughtless career goal a student can have. It reeks of carelessness, a lack of ambition, and low self-confidence. It’s the kind of goal that lands people in thankless jobs where they rot for 30 years and end up wondering where their lives went.

Yet, I hear students say it all the time. Just last week, my management professor asked a student in our class what his post-college goals were, and he spouted it verbatim. However… Read More…

Solve Roommate Debt Drama With Google Docs

After three years of living with a variety of different roommates, I understand how hectic it can get trying to make sure everyone is sharing an equal burden. Over a given school-year, cleaning the kitchen, doing dishes, and other house responsibilities fall by the way side, resulting in an apartment that resembles more of a disaster zone than a living space. What’s even more, with houses that have a different person handling each utility and house supplies, debts can be lost in the shuffle as well. Read More…

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