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How to Find a Job You Love (Ep. 6)

Barrett BrooksSo many students state their main college goal as “getting a job”. Often, that’s all there is to it. They just want a job.

But what about finding a job you truly love?

That’s the idea I explore in this week’s podcast interview with my friend Barrett Brooks. Barrett is the founder of Living For Monday, a blog dedicated to helping people find jobs that matter and live their lives to the fullest potential.

Barrett also created Career Kickstarter, a full online course built to teach students the entire process for finding (and landing) the job they’ll love. I’ve checked out Career Kickstart myself and I love the content Barrett has created there.

In this episode, Barrett tells his story of how he went from having a not-so-good first year in college to completely turning his life around for the better. He talks about how he landed a consulting position with a company that didn’t even want to hire grads from his school, and then how he went on to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Barrett’s story is really inspiring to me, and he’s got a lot of insight from his experiences that I think you should listen to. Check it out!

Items mentioned in this episode:

Things you should do right after listening:

  • Start thinking about finding a job you love
  • Take the initiative to start building a network of strong relationships.


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