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Um… With Adam Clark (Ep. 55)

Adam ClarkThis is one of those episodes that’s so packed with deep, meaningful conversation that’s it’s honestly very hard to title it.

It’s long, meandering conversation about the meaning of life, happiness, deciding when to quit or push ahead, and other topics with my friend Adam Clark, who runs a show called The Gently Mad.

Adam is one of those people who I end up talking to on Skype for approximately two hours longer than I intend to whenever one of us calls the other. We think about a lot of the same things, and as podcasters, we both like to air out those thoughts.

Since Adam’s a bit older than me, though, I figured this episode would be a great opportunity to learn about some things I’ve had questions on for a while, such as, “Does life ever… start?” 

When we’re students, it’s easy for us to feel like we’re in this “pre” stage of life – that our “real lives” are going to start after some event, like graduation or marriage. And after that happens, that’s the point where we’ll be truly happy and fulfilled – right?

Anyway, I’m going to stop writing now before I end up with a summary longer than the actual episode. Like I said, this isn’t a typical CIG episode – it doesn’t cover a specific topic like most episodes do. But I think it does contain some really valuable insights, and I hope you enjoy it.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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