How To Ace Your Final Exams

Finals suck, but they’re here and you’ve got to deal with them.

This week, I want to give you some tips that go beyond “DRINK ALL THE COFFEE” – trust me, I love to drink coffee… but bathing your brain in sweet, sweet caffeine isn’t enough on its own.

In this video, I’ll give you some strategies for:

  • Planning your studying time effectively
  • How to learn more from each study session
  • What to do before you want to procrastinate

Once you’ve watched the video, get to studying and ace those finals! Even if you don’t feel like it.

If you want even more tips on dealing with finals exams, check out The Mutant Guide to Studying for Finals.

If you’re unable to see the video above, you can view it on YouTube.

Video Notes

5 awesome study tips for acing your final exams

Here’s a Pinterest-worthy image if you’d like to share this post there.

  • Want to find old exams and other study materials? Check Koofers, and also check fraternity/major organization test banks.
  • If you’d like to learn more about Ebbinghaus and the Forgetting Curve, here you go.
  • Anki is a great tool for studying lots of facts.
  • This week’s post on eliminating choices will help you beat procrastination!

What study strategies do you find most effective for preparing for your finals? Let me know in the comments, yo.

Oh, by the way… I got Smash Bros for WiiU. If you’re bored over break and want to play a few matches, tweet me(P.S. I’m not that good)

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6 Comments on "How To Ace Your Final Exams"

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thomas frank . that video really helped me out! thanks a lot. I liked the way of asking a question about what year ebbinghaus do the research…cause it kept me thinking and i found out 1885!!! thanks again


My finals are coming soon and i want to study more without feeling bored , the second thing i am a person who cant start easy I tend to delay to the last minute then i feel stressed

Cameron Northcote

Haha! I love your opening about “drink all the coffee” and all the no-nonsense tips in the video, of course. Just browsed around Anki (never heard of it before..). Seems like a really handy lil thing and I wonder if I can use it for remembering French irregular verbs 😉

Sanam (A Chic Lifestyle)

Tom, this post is another favourite of mine. Nice work!

I agree with what you mentioned about clearly defining your goals, which I’ve slacked on a lot recently, so will definitely be implementing that into my routine again.

Ps. how is your book going? Any hints on when it will be released in its entirety? 🙂

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