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Should You Work with Your Friends? (Ep. 281)

Business and friends don’t mix. At least, that’s what a lot of people seem to think, and for good reason.

A job you like plus a friend you like can easily end up cancelling each other out, leaving you with neither. But why?

Furthermore, why does it still manage to work in some cases? Why have Thomas and I been able to work together for years without running either College Info Geek or our friendship into the ground?

To find the answer, we’re talking about some of our experiences that didn’t go so well, along with some of the things we do now to mitigate the risk of catastrophe.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:02:30 – Occasions where working with friends didn’t go so well
  • 0:19:18 – How we’ve managed to work together
  • 0:29:03 – Sponsor: Audible (Listening to audiobooks)
  • 0:33:42 – Sponsor: Skillshare (Learning new skills)
  • 0:35:54 – Splitting benefits fairly
  • 0:52:08 – Working with a significant other
  • 1:08:41 – Conclusion

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