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An Interview with YouTuber Sara Dietschy (Ep. 222)

We’re shaking things up a bit in this week’s episode, so get ready for a nice dose of novelty.

And by we’re shaking things up, I mean Tom’s shaking things up, because I’m not actually in this episode — instead, this is a special interview episode with fellow YouTuber and podcaster Sara Dietschy!

This episode is part two of a conversation they had in New York a bit ago, so before you listen to this one, be sure to check out part one here.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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Other things we mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:01:38 – Being a part of the Adobe Creative Residency program
  • 0:14:48 – Don’t strive for the bare minimum
  • 0:17:40 – Being independent andĀ making a career out of YouTube
  • 0:32:29 – Sponsor: Setapp (Suite of Mac apps)
  • 0:35:40 – Don’t stress yourself by trying to do too many things
  • 0:40:34 – Sustaining the YouTube career as a full-time job
  • 0:49:55 – Reaching out and forming relationships
  • 0:59:59 – Finding your creative niche
  • 1:06:35 – Conclusion

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An Interview with YouTuber Sara Dietschy