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What to Do When You Have No Motivation to Study

A reader emailed me a question recently about how to deal with the fact that he often can’t motivate himself to study.

Here’s the thing about having “no” motivation – when you think you’re at this point, it’s often the case that you simply haven’t put systems in place to generate extra motivation. In other words:

“Build more motivation-generating systems!”

Your level of motivation to complete a particular task is dependent upon the reward for doing that task, the consequences of not completing it, and how tempting other activities are in the moment.

Each of these factors can be tweaked through the use of motivation-generating tools and systems.

  • Add extra rewards – fun breaks, treats, or digital rewards in apps like HabitRPG
  • Create new consequences – get an accountability buddy, or bet on yourself with Beeminder
  • Make it harder to access tempting distractions – study in an austere location, and block distracting websites

When you feel like you don’t have any motivation, think about which factor is the biggest cause. Then, try to build a system that will fix the problem.

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Video Notes

Here are some of the systems that make up my own motivational groundwork:

What to Do When You Have No Motivation to Study
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What systems have you built to increase your motivation?

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