Accelerated Japanese Learning Challenge Day 10: Failure and Silver Linings

Let’s get right to it – did I fail my accelerated Japanese learning challenge?

Well, yes… and no. Details in the video! Also, greetings once again from Tokyo, Japan – at least, as I write this. I’ve discovered that AirBnb is quite awesome here, just as the cool Australian cafe owner in Osaka told me it is.

Going off his recommendation, Anna and I have ourselves a nice (if a bit cramped) little studio apartment for the next few days before we go back to hostel hopping.

This week’s video, though, was filmed in a town called Iwakuni, which is near Hiroshima. In it, I’ll talk about my “failure” in the challenge – and why attempting said challenge was a fantastic idea (even if I technically failed it).

Also, this is the last video I’ll be making during my vacation, as I’ll be coming back to Iowa next week! There won’t be a video next Thursday, but look forward to one during the week after that 🙂

If you’re unable to see the video above, you can view it on YouTube.

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Video Notes

  • Toggl – a great time-tracking web app

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