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How to Get Into Tea (Ep. 207)

Do you know what the most popular drink on planet Earth is?

Well, it’s water. Maybe you knew that.

But do you know the second most popular drink on planet Earth?

It’s not coffee. It’s not beer or wine.

It’s tea. That delightful leaf water that isn’t quite as popular in the United States as that bubbly sugar water is the crowd favorite. Like soccer, it has much of the world in agreement except for us.

It’s not popular for nothing, either — it has various health benefits, zero calories, a much smaller amount of caffeine than coffee, and is also the perfect drink to promote a sense of calm comfort.

It’s also varied enough the world over for you to become a connoisseur, without the potential side effects that come with drinking enough wine to become one.

Unfortunately, since many of us are used to the exaggerated jolt of coffee or the tooth-destroying delight of soda, the subtle joys of leaf water may come across as boring.

If that sounds like you, maybe today’s the day to try something new.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:03:14 – What qualifies as tea and why get into it
  • 0:26:40 – Differences between types of tea
  • 0:35:26 – Loose leaf vs bagged tea and how to brew them
  • 0:46:41 – Our favorite teas and tea-like drinks
  • 0:53:36 – Conclusion

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How to Get Into Tea