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Should You Change Answers on Multiple-Choice Tests, or “Stick With Your Gut?”

Should you change your answers on test questions?

I’m going to spoil it right up front: In general, the answer is yes.

Research has been conducted multiple times over the course of the last seventy years on this problem, and the results are clear. Most answer changes are from wrong to right, which means that most people who do choose to change answers will actually improve their test scores.

This fact goes completely against what people think, though. Test-takers commonly get the advice to, “go with your gut.”

“Don’t change your answer – you’re probably just worriedly second-guessing yourself.”

Teachers, parents, – even SAT prep guides have given this advice out for years.

And the most interesting – and, kinda sad – part is that, even though I just told you this – even though I can and will point you to the actual research backing it up – and even if you believe me, you’re not likely to change your behavior.

In this video, I’ll explain why that is.

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Video Notes

Should You Change Answers on Multiple-Choice Tests, or "Stick With Your Gut?"
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What about you? Do you tend to change answers on your tests, or do you tend to stick with your first impression?

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