The Essential Components Of A Great Personal Website (Examples Included)

So you’re looking to make yourself stand out from other students and be more attractive to recruiters. You know that having a personal website can help you do both.

Maybe you’ve already got yours built. Or maybe you’re still trying to figure out how to build one. Either way, you’ve still got another question running through your mind:

“What should I put on my personal website?”

In this article, I’ll answer that question. There are a lot of different components that can be included on your website, and here I’ll explain the benefits of each one. Once you’ve gone through them, you should have some great ideas of what to include on your own site. Read More…

The Complete, Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Successful Blog

Caveat: if you are currently the undisputed ruler of a small European country, the following sentence may not apply to you.

You need to create your own blog.

If you want to look good to recruiters, establish yourself as an expert, and help other people, then a blog can do nothing but good things for you.

Luckily, the fact that you’re still reading after looking at this article’s headline means most of my work in convincing you is done. However, if you’re still unsure of whether or not you should create a blog, go read 14 Hard-Hitting Reasons Why You Must Create a Blog in College.

Then come back here. I’ll wait.

This guide will take you through the entire process of creating a successful blog. Think of it less as a blog post and more as an entire class, because I’m pulling out all the stops here.

Read More…

A 5-Step Plan For Conquering Your Gmail Inbox

This article was originally published in October 2011. I’ve updated it to include an exceptionally useful new app, and also to show you how to deal with Gmail’s own new features.

Alright, so let’s talk about something that bugs me a lot: badly-maintained email inboxes.

Every student is given their very own precious email address when starting school, and a good amount of them promptly let their inbox turn into the digital equivalent of a landfill.

Notifications from social sites, spam, old emails from Grandma and Grandpa, and countless other articles clog inboxes up, and legitimate emails get lost in the fray.

The end result? Shit doesn’t get done.

Students that have messy inboxes simply can’t keep track of all the legitimate email that comes to them, and they’re bound to let something slip through the cracks.

Well, no more. I’m tired of seeing crappy inbox after crappy inbox. It’s time to fix the problem. Read More…

The Klout Trap

Today, I was reading a post over on HackCollege that basically explained what Klout is. For those of you who are too lazy to click that link, or who feel my site’s design is vastly superior to theirs simply by virtue of the shirtless picture of me in the sidebar (you’d be right), I’ll give you the lowdown:

Klout is a website that measures your influence across all the major social networks and gives you a score.

This score is like your level in Fitocracy, World of Warcraft, or Hello Kitty Island Adventure – you can use it to feel good about yourself and assert a small amount of meta-dominance over people who could still kick your ass in a physical fight. Read More…

16 Chrome Extensions Every Student Should Use

Want to know a great way to amp your productivity, keep your computer safe, and become a badass?

Stop using Internet Explorer.

Of course, for most of you, this statement doesn’t really apply. According to my analytics data, most CIG readers use Google Chrome – which is awesome. Chrome is my absolute favorite web browser, and for good reason – its combination of speed, clean interface, and awesome features make it hard to beat.

My favorite thing about Chrome, though, is the zillions of apps and extensions available for it. True, Firefox also has lots of extensions (maybe more) – however, Chrome doesn’t make you restart the browser every time you install one. For that reason, I put it ahead of Firefox in the add-ons department.

Anyone can make a Chrome extension (heck, I built one), so there are plenty of new ones showing up every day. This is a double edged sword: one one hand, this means that there are lots of great ones coming out, but it also means that there’s lots of crap to sift through.

I’d like to spare you the time it takes to sift through all that crap. Here are 16 superb Chrome extensions that I think every student can benefit from. Of course, these aren’t the only good ones, so if you use one that I haven’t listed here and think we should hear about it, leave a comment! Read More…

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Personal Website

This guide was originally published in March 2012. Since then, hundreds of students (and even non-students!) have created their own personal websites using it. As it is one of the most-viewed articles on College Info Geek, I keep this guide very up-to-date, and it’s current for 2018.

What’s the #1 networking tool you can have in your arsenal as a student? I’ll tell you this right now: it isn’t your resume. 

Resumes are boring. Career experts tell you to make your resume a one-page, size 11 Time New Roman document printed with black ink with no pictures. Seriously? How are you supposed to represent – and differentiate – yourself with that?

Plus, your resume becomes static and outdated the moment you hand it to someone. You can’t update resumes you’ve already given out – you have to make new copies.

That’s why you need a personal website.

A website is the complete opposite of a resume. Everything bad about resumes can be fixed simply by having a website. I’d go as far as to say that not having a website is like shooting yourself in the foot – it’s that useful. Read More…

Next Level Browsing With Vimium

Quick, what’s your favorite browser?

That’s right, it’s Chrome. Actually, I’m not just saying that; looking at my analytics, over 35% of you guys use it when you come to this site. That’s more than any other browser. Well, congrats on being friggin’ smart.

One of the things I love most about Chrome is its extensive library of apps and extensions. There are a ton of great ones out there, and they’ll probably be able to fulfill just about any browser-based need you may have.

So, a while ago I decided that my then-current set of browser hacks wasn’t enough. I decided one of my browser-based needs was not having to use a mouse. Seriously – using the trackpad on a laptop gets annoying after a while, even if it’s the one on a MacBook Pro. So, I went looking for an extension to solve my problem… and found Vimium.

Read More…

Lost in a Sea of Accounts: Managing Your Internet Presence

Quick: how many accounts do you have online? One? Ten? Fifty? Who knows, right? This is just how things are now. Whether you want to buy something online, watch a video, or do your school work, you have to have an account. This is fine and all, but it can start to become quite discomforting when you realize you’ve forgotten your password,  username, or that you even have an account for that website all together. I, as of right now, have at least 58 accounts in my name floating around the internet, and I guarantee you I could not name them all from memory alone.

To help the students of the world keep their collective sanity, not to mention security, here are a couple ways to manage your internet presence.

Read More…

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