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5 iPhone Apps to Help You Stay Fit in College

Fall is on its way, and with the soon-to-come resurgence of cold weather in tow, the drive to keep that washboard stomach can start to wane for college students. Beaches and running shoes are traded for a pile of books and Red Bull-filled all-nighters (studying or otherwise). How can a student keep the motivation needed to avoid the Freshman 15, Sophomore 35, or Junior Triple Bypass?

Here are five great iPhone apps that I use to help stay motivated and track my progress on my fitness goals.

1. iFitness

iFitness is a essentially an exercise database for your iPhone. You can browse through exercises by muscle group and alphabetically, and each exercise has a visual guide and a description. If you’re connected to the internet, you can also see a video demonstration of each exercise.

iFitness lets you pick preset or custom workout routines. The presets are a good place to start if you’re just beginning. Finally, the app lets you log your progress and view your past logs. This is a great all-purpose fitness app.

2. PushupFu

I downloaded this app because I wanted a sergeant to yell at me. Just kidding – but the app really does come with one. PushupFu is an app that turns your iPhone into a pushup counter. Using either an armstrap case or a rubber band, you fasten your phone to your arm and the accelerometer tracks the range of motion and speed of your pushups. The app is built around a 100-pushup goal, and you progress through a ten step program to get there. You can also link up with friends and have “battles”. Goofy social networking features aside, this app is great for motivating you to keep doing pushups!

3. All In 1 Pedometer

Yet another app that requires you to strap your phone to your arm, All In 1 Pedometer is just that – a pedometer. However, it’s a surprisingly accurate one. I took my iPod to my school’s track and ran a mile; afterward, the app had recorded 1.05 miles. The app also translates your step count into calories burned, records your time, and displays your average speed. I use this app every time I run, and I post the results to Facebook to stay accountable.


If you’re not familiar with, it’s basically like a fitness facebook with a store and a forum. The iPhone app gives you access to the forum and to your profile. I find it useful mainly for the forum access; it’s much more streamlined than looking at the forum on Safari.

5. Streaks

Streaks is not a fitness app per-se; it’s more of a motivator. Streaks simply gives you a calendar for each of your goals. Each day you do (or do not do) what you’ve set out to do (or not do), you put an “X” on that day. Streaks displays how many days you’ve successfully met your goal. Use it for running, for eating healthy, or for reading that book you’ve been meaning to read. It’s a good motivator for anything.

Now that you’ve learned about some great fitness apps, start getting fit! Also, if you have any other apps you like, leave them in the comments below.