Martin and Thomas’ 2017 Year in Review (Ep. 191)

Happy New Year, almost!

I suppose this is also going live on Christmas, so Merry that as well.

Anyway, we’ve decided to break a bit from our normal list of topics this week to reflect on what we’ve been up to this year. 2017 has been a bit hectic, but on a personal level, we’ve had quite a few big things happen this year, good and otherwise.

So if you’re not looking to feel too guilty for being unproductive over the holidays, but you’d still like to hang out with us and maybe learn a few accidental life lessons along the way, here you go.

Stoke that fireplace, set us up on a tablet next to it, and enjoy that my Christmas sweater is way better than Tom’s boring normal clothes.


Things mentioned in this episode:

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Other things we mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:03:18 – Tom’s progress with music editing
  • 0:06:01 – Martin’s road trip and traveling
  • 0:20:09 – Thoughts on time, efficiency and appreciating things
  • 0:25:32 – Moving to Denver and other good things that happened
  • 0:40:43 – Sponsor: StoryBlocks (Graphic design assets)
  • 0:43:54 – Things that Tom and Martin struggled with this year
  • 1:03:31 – Cycling around Central Park and filming Crash Course
  • 1:08:02 – Some of Tom and Martin’s favorite books of the year
  • 1:15:05 – Conclusion

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Martin and Thomas' 2017 Year in Review

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