11 Key Lessons from Books You’ll Never Be Assigned to Read

In college, I was notorious for reading everything except the books we were assigned to read. My classmates would notice me reading in the library and ask for a synopsis of whatever chapter we were being quizzed on, to which I’d reply, “I’m not sure. But this book about Stoic philosophy is awesome.”

Generally speaking, the world doesn’t care that you go to college. What matters is what you do while you’re there and what you have to show for it. And if making the most of your four years means forfeiting a couple reading assignments to expose yourself to a whole new world of ideas, so be it.

That being said, here are 11 lessons that are sure to inspire you to read beyond what’s on the syllabus this year. Read More…

Lessons On Learning Languages From Reading Fluent In 3 Months

“For so many language learners, the motivation to learn a language is more often than not extrinsic rather than intrinsic. They have no true passion for the language; their only motivation is for the side benefits they’d theoretically get from speaking it.”

This early line from Benny Lewis’ book Fluent in 3 Months reminded me of a conversation I had with my dad before the start of my 9th grade year of high school.

My school offered only two foreign languages to study: Spanish and French. Dad gave me a couple of seemingly good reasons why Spanish would be the best pick:

  • “There are far more Spanish speakers in the world.”
  • “You’re going to have to communicate with way more Spanish speakers here in ‘Murica, son.”

So I picked Spanish and stuck with it during all four years of high school.

I may as well have taken nothing at all. Read More…

Five Ways to Save Mo’ Money on Textbooks

College is freakin’ expensive, bro – aside from tuition, you’re expected to pay exorbitant sums for trivial, frivolous things like housing, food, clothes, deodorant, and toilet paper – all of this on top of the necessities you already need such as new scoreboards for your school’s football field and flatscreen TV’s for the dining centers. In this economic climate, being expected to pay for stuff like this is extreme, and yet we students have to pay for something else on top of it all: textbooks. We just can’t catch a break, can we? Read More…

Guest Post: 5 Brain-Stimulating Books For Students

This is a guest post from Lior Levine. Find out more about him in the author bio below this post.

No matter what the course of study one is following in college, it will have some demand for extra-curricular reading. The following is a list of some great books that can be utilized by college students to help them further their knowledge according to their course of interest. Read More…

Geek Reads 08/11: Beat the Summer Doldrums

Yes, it’s that time of year again–that sticky, slow, monotonous period in the middle of the summer where everything seems to come to a standstill. The excitement of the beginning summer has long passed, and you’re probably working somewhere to make yourself useful, or taking classes, or researching, or doing something to occupy your break. Or maybe you’ve found yourself sitting around with nothing to do. And it’s not quite time to start shopping or packing up for college quite yet. So how can you stay entertained during the inevitable boredom of mid-summer?

Pick up a book, of course! Read More…

Guest Post: Get Textbooks On The Cheap By Buying Used

This is a guest post by Amit Sehgal. You can find out more about him in the author bio below this post.

When one starts to buy textbooks, they will realize how expensive they are. Sometimes one might have to buy textbooks that were limited version prints; these can be very difficult to find. In addition to that, your lecturer might ask you to buy textbooks that are the older versions of the books that are available in the market. Old versions can also be difficult to find. The best place to find these rare and expensive books for cheap is the internet. Read More…

Five Essential Books For College Students


MEGA UPDATE: I took the idea from this post and turned it into a full-blown section of College Info Geek. Visit the new Essential Books for Students page to find an updated, ongoing list of my recommended reads.


“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

It’s true that we have to read a lot in college. If you’re anything like a typical student, you’re assigned so much reading that you have to skip much of it just to stay sane. However, reading is a great thing to do, and it’s not something that should be placed by the wayside. Read More…

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