Goal Inspiration: 10 Epic Bucket Lists You Might Want To Steal From

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of being mindful of your path; that is, considering all aspects of your life when setting goals, and continuously evaluating those goals as you grow and progress.

Those that neglect to do this can often find themselves in situations where their primary career objective is achieved, but at a cost they didn’t foresee – be it having to live in a town they don’t like, or having almost no free time.

This isn’t a spot you want to be in, so be sure to read the post and start setting goals that span all areas of your life if you haven’t already!

I also talked about the importance of setting specific goals in addition to general lifestyle goals; goals like learning a new language, traveling to a foreign country, or building your own blog.

I chronicle all of these goals in my Impossible List, which is a more active and deliberate take on the bucket list concept.

However, I didn’t just sit down and make up all these awesome goals. I drew inspiration from lots of places. Sometimes I became inspired simply by seeing an awesome time-lapse video and wanting to visit the places in it.

Other times, though, I straight-up stole goals from the bucket lists of other people. In fact, it was the goal lists of two of my heroes – Joel Runyon and Steve Kamb – that inspired me to create my Impossible List. By doing so, I’ve been driven to do some things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

That’s why today’s post is simply a list of some of the best bucket lists I’ve found online.While I don’t really like the term “bucket list”, as it implies a fixed list of things you simply hope you’ll do, it’s more ubiquitous than better terms like “Impossible List”, or Steve’s Epic Quest of Awesome – that’s why I’ve used it in the title of this post.

Check out the lists created by these awesome people, and maybe you’ll find a few items that you’d like to add to your own list!

The List

Here’s the list of people with epic bucket lists that I’ve been collecting over the past few months, in no particular order. I’ve also included a couple goals from each that I think are particularly awesome.

The Impossible List by Joel Runyon (originator of the Impossible List concept)

Goals I liked:

  • Help 100 entrepreneurs better their lives through micro-loans at Kiva.org
  • Go indoor skydiving

The Epic Quest of Awesome by Steve Kamb

Goals I liked:

  • Do a muscle up
  • Be a guest speaker at Google

Bucket List by Sean Ogle

Goals I liked:

  • Hang glide over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Swim with dolphins

Bucket List by Cody McKibben

Goals I liked:

  • Get a second passport
  • Attend an official TED conference

Bucket List by Jenny Leonard

Goals I liked:

  • Be competent in surfing
  • Write a book/be a published author

Life List by Danny Dover

Goals I liked:

  • See the Great Wall of China
  • Go bungee jumping

The Buried Life List by Jonnie, Dave, Duncan, and Ben

Goals I liked:

  • Give a stranger a $100 bill
  • Ride through the desert in a dune buggy

100 Life Goals List by Tal Gur

Goals I liked:

  • Finish an Ironman event
  • Launch an app

Stretch List by Radio Wright

Goals I liked:

  • Throw a dart at a map and fly wherever it lands
  • Do random acts of kindness often

Impossible List by Devon Schreiner

Goals I liked:

  • Visit Japan (of course)
  • Own my own company

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Search Google for “bucket list” or “impossible list”, and you’ll unearth even more lists you can draw from for inspiration.

Have you created you own list of goals? If it’s online, I’d love to see it – link me in the comments 🙂

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Radio Wright

Yo Tom! Thanks for including my Stretch List.

You didn’t like my 150 Dates goal? Ha! I’m half way done.

I see you have Wingsuit Fly listed on yours – You cra-cra-crazy!!

Kevin Grunert

Hi Thomas,

Just thought I’d drop a link here to my “30 Before 30” list – thought you might enjoy it.


Stefano Ganddini

It’s definitely helpful and inspiring to draw ideas from other people’s lists. When you see all the great things other people are accomplishing, it pushes you to want to do the same. I think it’s awesome that we’re starting to see more and more Impossible Lists pop up.

Here’s mine: http://collegetopia.co/impossible-list/

Tal Gur

Cheers for the mention my friend. If you ever set out to participate in an Ironman event, do let me know!

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