The Androids are Attacking, World Domination in Sight

Queue the fireworks ladies and gentlemen, a debate has begun. Our guest poster, Shep McAllister wrote the article Will Any Android Phone Ever Beat The iPhone? and already users from both sides of the Mobile space are weighing in, namely myself and some others on Facebook. With users from both sides of the coin (Android and iOS) respectively being highly passionate about their mobile devices, it’s only expected that each side will have something to say.

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Make Your Android Phone A Great Sidekick With These Apps

As an avid and very loyal Android user, I’m on my phone constantly. From checking updates to remoting into my home computer, my phone has been something I cannot live without. Add to that fact that the phone basically addresses all my application needs and well, life just seems a little too good.

So what am I talking about really? Well, of course there are wonderful apps on both Android and the iPhone, however I found two that are especially helpful for this audience and for anyone who is a programmer. The first application is called Ubuntu Pocket Reference and can be downloaded from the Android Market.
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Upload Your Facebook Pictures From Your Linux Desktop With Two Different Applications

Earlier, I had made a post on how to upload your pictures from your desktop to Flickr. Well, now it’s time for Facebook to get some love and nowadays, who doesn’t use Facebook?

The twist in this article is that I’m going to tell you two different ways you can upload your pictures to Facebook. Both ways are simple, its just the method that changes between the two. One might work better than the other for you, so you can pick whichever option you prefer. That’s the benefit of choice or as I’d like to think, Open Source.
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5 Android Apps to Help You Stay Fit in College

In light of Tom’s earlier post about the 5 iPhone applications he recommended to stay fit, I’ve decided to write a follow up by listing 5 Android applications for all our Android readers. Below, are 5 great applications that will help you get in shape and track your results on your journey to staying fit. Read More…

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