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Selected Speaking Reviews and Feedback

“Thomas is the ultimate college hacker. His articles provide extremely specific, in-depth strategies on how to be more productive, stand out to job recruiters, and save money in college. Very, very valuable information.” – Stefano Ganddini, Senior, University of Southern California

“Thomas spoke to honors students on personal branding and blew everyone away. Pulling from his personal experience and knowledge he imparted to students how they can differentiate themselves both on a professional and personal level. The students got a lot out of it and it greatly inspired them.” – Erik Sandhal, ISU Honors Program Event Coordinator

“Just being around Tom for the last few years has inspired me to do so much outside of my old comfort zones. You definitely want your students to hear what he has to say.” – Martin Boehme, Senior, Iowa State University

“Tom knows how to think outside of the box; he gets it. He understands what needs to be understood about succeeding.” – Robbie Williford, Senior, Oakland University

“College Info Geek rocks – it’s super informative, useful, and inspiring in a relatable rather than sappy kind of way” – Kalina Silverman, Sophomore, Northwestern University

“I just have to say that of all the people I’ve met in my life, Thomas Frank is one of the most impressive. When I was his age (don’t take that one way or another) I felt his ambition and drive and passion. He is brilliant, worldly, and a master at his craft.” – Dallas J. Moore, Social Republick

“I’ve known Thomas for several years and have seen firsthand his drive and passion for helping college students! He not only knows his stuff but is living it.” – Grant Baldwin, Professional Youth Speaker

“Thomas Frank uses stories and examples to show students how they can take control of their lives and do truly exciting things—things we’ve been told are impossible or haven’t been told about at all. As the role of college changes in society and in our lives, Thomas is there with advice that far surpasses any I’ve been given by my advisers in usefulness. Also, the guy wears purple shirts. So cool.” – Trevor Waldorf, TechStars Graduate

“Your tips have already given me so much insight into college that I wouldn’t have known before. I just want to thank you for all your effort and tips…they’ve changed my college experience already!” – Katie Phipps, Freshman, Florida State University

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