10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Start The New Semester Off Right

Well, it looks like we don’t need John Cusack to repopulate the earth for us after all.

2012 is almost at a close. Lots of stuff happened, but no apocalypse came. Whether the year was great or terrible for you, it’s just about over. So now’s the time to look toward the year ahead!

I’m writing this post at the close of 2012, but the advice here applies to the start of every new semester – whether it’s during summer, fall, or spring. Regardless, it’s a fresh start.

How do you plan on making next semester kick even more ass than this one did? I’ve got quite a few plans of my own, and I’m sure you do as well. Today I want to give you just a few suggestions of how to start the next semester off the right way. I’m sure there are plenty of other bloggers doing posts just like this one (for the new year), but this is what I’m thinking personally! Read More…

Lessons At The Midpoint

I can’t believe the first half of the “best four years of my life” are already over.

College goes by so quickly, and we often get so caught up in everything that we’re doing that we don’t even realize it. If you’re like me, and are just now having this crazy revelation that life is really short, I think it’s a great time to reflect on what you’ve learned so far.

The past two years haven’t been perfect, but I’ve certainly learned a lot that can be applied to the next two years (and beyond). so, to complement Thomas’ lessons he learned from turning 21, here are a few of the things I’ve been reflecting on lately–some are about school, some are about life at large, and some are just random yet powerful lessons. Read More…

21 Exceptional Bloggers You Should Be Following

Do you get bored of the same old lectures every week, and fall asleep whenever you open your textbooks? Wishing you had some resources to help you actually learn stuff that matters?

One of the best ways to do this is to read! Books are great, and you can check out my Essential Reading List if you’re looking for a great book to enrich your life with. However, this post isn’t about books; it’s about blogs (and the bloggers who run them).

I’ve compiled a list featuring 21 of my favorite bloggers, which is waiting for you right below. Each of the bloggers on this list is doing amazing things in their life and creating unmissable content – content that has made my life better. I’m confident they can make your life better as well. Read More…

Applying to Graduate School – Notes From the Front

This is a guest post by Noah Greenberg.

As I take a gulp of cold coffee dregs and hunch over the stack of papers on the café table in front of me, I realize that applying to graduate school is way more difficult than I thought it would be. ­

If I had to do it over again, I’d send myself some advice on how to apply to grad school the right way, and how different it is from applying to undergraduate universities.

Undergraduate programs scatter the country like a Verizon coverage map: they’re everywhere. No matter where you look, you’ll find an undergraduate liberal arts program at a respected college. That’s not to say it’s easy to get accepted everywhere, but the choices are endless. Graduate school programs, on the other hand, are elusive.

Read More…

27 College Tips I Learned Sophomore Year

I’m halfway into my junior year now, and I can safely say I learned even more about college (and life in general) during my sophomore year than I did the year before.

I learned some big lessons that changed my life altogether, and I also learned many small tips along the way that helped out as well. Here are just 27 of them. I’m sure I’ve got more, but these are the ones that stuck out to me.

To be clear – and you can probably tell this from the size of your scroll bar – this post is ginormous. It isn’t the be-all-end-all guide to college, but there is a lot here. You may want to simply browse it and come back a few times to read more. Read More…

Snow Safety 101: Everything Short Of Avalanche Survival

It’s that time of year again. The sound of sleigh bells have faded into distant memory and the days of auld lange syne are here to stay. Now that you’ve headed back to campus and the doldrums of January have begun to set in, it is high time to pull up a cup of hot cocoa and learn a little snow safety to keep yourself toasty and safe until spring returns. Read More…

What Makes A Great Extracurricular?

“Can You Really Just Follow Your Dreams?”

For anyone who has been having trouble with finding “passion” in their career pursuits I highly recommend reading up on Cal Newport’s series on redefining the pursuit of passion. It’s a refreshing breath of air for those tired of hearing advice about “following your dreams.”

The crux of Newport’s argument is that passion and motivation are derived from self-improvement rather than from external factors such as landing a dream job. It’s a hard pill to swallow as the easier course of action is to blame things around us rather than to dig a little deeper and find the intrinsic source of a problem. Read More…

Guest Post: Tips For Engineering Students

This is a guest post by ISU student Joe Mayer. Learn more about him in the author bio below this post.

So here I am, a senior in chemical engineering, working what seems like every hour of each day toward a degree and a future. Well, it just so happens that all these years spent in school have not left me without some idea of how I could have done it all better, and what I believe I did right. This semester I constantly find myself thinking of things that I feel young engineering students would (or should) probably find valuable. So here it is; my list of tips for engineering students! Read More…

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