How To Build A Video Game: An Interview With The Creators Of A Hat In Time

You may have extrapolated from my videos and references to DDR that my favorite video game genre is the rhythm genre.

If so, you’d be dead wrong. In fact, that title goes to 3D platformers.

I grew up playing games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Psychonauts, Jak and Daxter, and Sly Cooper; games like these are among my all-time favorites.

Maybe it’s because I love parkour. Maybe it’s because we had “Who can jump off the highest thing” contests at recess in 3rd grade and I now have brain damage. Who knows?

So when my friend Quinton showed me the Kickstarter page for a new 3D platformer called A Hat In Time, and pretty much yelled, “Take my money!” on the spot and became a backer.

Check out this video to see why I’m so excited for this game:

To see more gameplay footage, check out the video below the third interview question. It’s pretty awesome.

The 3D platforming genre has all but died out in the last few years, so seeing a game like this being developed is pretty much a dream come true.

The game itself isn’t the only cool thing about this project; I was also excited to learn about Gears for Breakfast – the team behind it. Not only do some of the team members hold down full-time jobs, but others are still students!

When I learned that, I got the idea to interview the Gears for Breakfast team. Read More…

Lessons On Leadership: Allen Gannett and CampusSplash

Growing up, Allen Gannett was always fascinated with technology and education. At the age of 11, he jumped at the opportunity to design his first website, which he calls “a horrible old-school HTML news website for my grade school.”

Allen continued to dabble in projects growing up, but education remained his primary concern. In 2010, he had a revelation that “most of the problems we see in education, particularly around college access can be solved in a cost-efficient, scaleable way through technology.”

After putting together the initial concepts and plans to solve this problem, he met Anton, a fellow student interested in the cause, and the two co-founded their own company, CampusSplash. Read More…

How To Kick Ass And Hustle Your Way To A Job (Or Your Own Company) – With Noah Kagan

Looking for the answer to being successful after college? Well, there isn’t one. However, there is one thing that will set you on the right path – doing shit all the time.

That’s what Noah Kagan did. In college, he created the website, started a entrepreneurs club at Berkeley, hosted multiple (profitable) tech conferences, did an internship at Microsoft, created businesses like Come Get Used and HFG Consulting, and even hired other college students Read More…

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