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Study Music: A Random Playlist Gift For You

The other night I was on a “work call” with my friends Derek and Alex. Basically, this means the three of us have a 5-hour Skype call going in which we seldom talk, instead just working diligently in each other’s “company”. (this actually works pretty well if you have like-minded friends who, for geographic reasons, you can’t meet at the coffee shop)

Since Derek created a great study playlist a couple weeks ago, I decided to throw together a random one of my own as a gift to him. I thought it was too good not to share further, though, so I’m posting it for you!

Some of the songs on this list have been featured in past posts, and some are brand new. This playlist has no theme; it’s totally random. I mean, I’m starting it out with freakin’ Mulan. So you know it’s gonna be good.


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