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Study Music: 30 Epic Space Jam Mash-Ups

Oh, you were expecting an expertly curated collection of sophisticated, elegant music to accompany long days out in the summer sun? Sorry bro.

You get Space Jam remixes instead. And you’ll be grateful for it! Seriously, the Space Jam theme song is awesome. It’s one the best pump-up songs ever invented. Why else would the citizens of the internet go to the trouble of making so many remixes? It’s just amazing.

So, in honor of this song’s awesomeness, I present to you not 10, not 17, but 30 of the best Space Jam mash-ups that the web has to offer. Enjoy.


Most of this list was curated by my good friend Aaron Peterson, so all the props go to him for finding them and giving me the idea to post them as my idea of legitimate content.

This playlist goes well with literally any activity. Pumping ze iron? Check.  Doing jumping jacks around the world? Check. Playing poker all night long? Yup. It’s probably the best collection of songs ever made – or close to it.