I Wrote A 100+ Page Book On Earning Better Grades – And It’s Free

Over the past three months, I’ve been working on something big… my first book.

It’s called 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less), and when I set out to write it, I wanted to answer many of the questions I get asked about every week:

  • “How can I stay motivated and beat procrastination?”
  • “What’s the most efficient way to read a textbook?”
  • “How can I make group projects suck less?”
  • “How do you keep everything – homework, files, tasks – organized?”

To answer these questions, I ended up pouring over 26,000 words out of these fingers. In print, the book would be over 100 pages. It’s easily the biggest and best writing project I’ve ever worked on.

Here’s the important bit, though… I’m giving it away for free.

Why? In terms of value, I certainly think it would be worth charging for. However, for a long time I’ve wanted to offer a substantial perk for College Info Geek newsletter subscribers – so that’s what this book is. It’s a thank-you to all of you who stick around and support College Info Geek simply by reading, watching, and listening to the things I create here.

Seriously… thank you.

So, if you’re not yet a CIG subscriber and want a free copy of the book, let me know where I should send it!

I wrote the book with the dozens of questions I’ve received from students through email, Twitter, Reddit, and other sources in mind, so I think you’ll get a lot out of it.

10 steps to earning awesome grades - written by a recent graduate!

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If you’re still curious about what you’ll find in the book, here’s the full table of contents:

  1. Pay Better Attention in Class
  2. Take More Effective Notes
  3. Get More Out of Your Textbooks
  4. Plan Like a General
  5. Build Your Optimal Study Environment
  6. Fight Entropy and Stay Organized
  7. Defeat Procrastination
  8. Study Smarter
  9. Write Better Papers
  10. Make Group Projects Suck Less


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