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Guest Post: 5 Brain-Stimulating Books For Students

This is a guest post from Lior Levine. Find out more about him in the author bio below this post.

No matter what the course of study one is following in college, it will have some demand for extra-curricular reading. The following is a list of some great books that can be utilized by college students to help them further their knowledge according to their course of interest.

The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century By Thomas L.Friedman

Any student involved in the study of history or politics will find this book of great interest. Even for those individuals who have a personal interest in these subjects aside from their studies will find plenty of material for debate within these pages.

The book focuses on Friedman encouraging the reader to understand what the world has to offer now by being “connected” and realizing globalization is spear-headed by individuals, not conglomerates.

The Art of War & The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

For those students who have need for a clearer understanding of Machiavelli, this is the book to do the job. It is a combination of two works of Machiavelli, clearly outlining the concept of power. Students of Machiavelli find that the combination of these two writings offers a clearer picture of the influence that he has had on humanity. It can be seen through this text that prominent figures have followed his advice down through the centuries.

The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk

Student with a passion for learning politics will not want to pass up the opportunity to enhance their studies with The Conservative mind. All too often students who hail themselves as being conservative are shocked at some of the revelations that are presented in this reading. It provides food for thought for those that take the concept of conservatism lightly. This book clearly outlines in detail the philosophy of what conservative truly stands for.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle by James H. Ford

A must read for the student of English Literature or those focusing on European History.
This book is an easy read for those students who need to absorb the key issues of British history. The easy to follow time-line makes it a much more structured form of information gathering.

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition by William Strunk

A prelim to writing styles is perfect for helping the new students get on the right track for all their college writing requirements. It can save hours of mistakes and rewrites for the new student. For upcoming novelists and authors, this book is one that can be constantly referenced to for simple solutions. With the combination of this book plus following updates in the world of English it provides a solid reference resource.

Editors note: The Elements of Style is a book that I personally recommend as well. This is a fantastic guide to writing well.

These are five of many excellent books that are readily available for any college student. Although these cover just a few subjects, there are books available for any student wishing to further enhance their studies in their particular area of interest. It is important to read as many types of books in your chosen field as you can in order to allow you different perceptions of what it is you are learning.