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Energetic Music: Celldweller – “The Complete Cellout”

I woke up yesterday and noticed one thing: the four smelly dudes sharing a basement abode with me had not yet arisen from their slumber. So, sitting amongst an embarrassingly large amount of empty Mountain Dew Code Red cans, stale pizza, and Bill sleeping on his Pikachu pillow, I decided to pop open my laptop and look for new music. This is what I found.

So, you may know that Celldweller does mostly industrial rock-type music, but this remix is basically what Skrillex should be. At about the 2:00 mark, I decided to abandon courtesy and proceeded to violently wake my friend Quinton up so I could slap my super bassy headphones on his head. There’s nothing like waking up to loud dubstep…

Kevin's face
This is a fairly accurate representation of his reaction...

Yeah. This album is, uh, really freakin’ good shit. Of course, Celldweller is Quinton’s favorite artist ever, so that may be part of the reason he didn’t punch me for waking him up after only five hours of sleep – but still. If you’re at all into Skrillex, Pendulum, or old Celldweller, you’ll dig this for sure. The remixes are badass, interesting, and dancable. This is Celldweller that was meant to be played in a club. In fact, if you’re planning on hosting any parties once next semester hits us, this might be an album to consider for your playlist.

The Complete Cellout is set to drop on January 10 of next year – so, like, 12 days from now. Some tracks have hit YouTube already though, so that’s why I’m featuring it now.

Here’s another awesome track:

If this fits your fancy, you can pre-orderĀ The Complete CelloutĀ on iTunes. If you’re too impatient, though, you can get the first part of it on iTunes or Amazon to tide yourself over until the full thing comes out.

On an unrelated note, I’m heading out to Colorado for a week so I can strap a couple of waxed boards to my feet and hurtle down a mountain at ludicrous speed. Given this fact, I’ll probably only get around to doing next week’s album review. Of course, I’ve been doing pretty much that for the past two weeks, so there’s really no change… give me a break. It’s break. I’m being lazy. Anyway, the normal schedule will resume the week afterward, when school starts.

Until then, stay classy my friends.