A Review Of The New iPad – Is It A Fit For Students?

This is a guest post by Shep McAllister, one of my close friends and the former editor of HackCollege.

Students have often asked me if they should get an iPad. Since I first got my hands on an original model, my answer has always been:

“If you have the money, yes.”

The new iPad doesn’t change that assessment. It’s still a luxury item. You will almost certainly need a laptop or desktop to go with it. It won’t fundamentally change your academic experience.

Caveats aside though, the new iPad has absolutely improved as a college-oriented device, and any student who owns one will undoubtedly use it on a daily basis, both for business and pleasure. Read More…

Guest Post: Will Any Android Phone Ever Beat The iPhone?

This is a guest post by Shep McAllister, editor-in-chief at our favorite college blog – HackCollege! Find out more about him below this post.

A few days ago on Twitter, Thomas asked me if I thought the iPhone would still be the dominant smartphone a few years down the road. Attempting to look at this objectively, and not as an Apple fanboy, I frankly see no scenario where it wouldn’t be. Read More…

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