How To Make Your Travels More Worthwhile

This is a guest post from Lauren Gabel, one of my really good friends at Iowa State. We used to be RA’s together, and now we’ve both decided that travelling and not dealing with people who lock themselves out of their rooms is more fun. Here are some tips she learned on her own study abroad trip.

So hopefully if you’re reading this, you have already been inspired by Maria’s Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad or even Thomas’s post about unicycling from the east coast to the west coast blindfolded with a video camera. (I could have the exact details wrong).

Either way, I hope you have been inspired to go on a radical adventure that has few guarantees other than the promise of taking you out of your comfort zone!

Personally, I did the study abroad adventure, and based off of my experiences I assembled a short list of tips for anyone looking outside of their own back yard.

There are a few basic supplies that I’ve found helpful. Read More…

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