Guest Post: Nook Simple Touch Review

This is a guest review by ISU student Joe Mayer.

So after years of holding out on picking up an e-reader, I finally caved in and bought a Nook Simple Touch last December. Honestly this was one of the best hundred dollars I’ve ever spent; in fact, I think it’s so awesome that I wanted to write about it. Let me first make it clear that I do not intend for this to be a “which product is better” article comparing the Nook to the Kindle, because there are already enough posts like that on the internet. Read More…

Guest Post: Tips For Engineering Students

This is a guest post by ISU student Joe Mayer. Learn more about him in the author bio below this post.

So here I am, a senior in chemical engineering, working what seems like every hour of each day toward a degree and a future. Well, it just so happens that all these years spent in school have not left me without some idea of how I could have done it all better, and what I believe I did right. This semester I constantly find myself thinking of things that I feel young engineering students would (or should) probably find valuable. So here it is; my list of tips for engineering students! Read More…

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