How To Get (And Keep!) Your First Client As A Freelancer

This is a guest post from my good friend Jessie Spielvogel. You might recognize her from my exceptional bloggers list I published earlier this year. She’s pretty awesome!

Freelancing is one of the best job options in the world right now. If you’re a student or if you’re currently in the market for a job, freelancing may be for you!

Think about it: jobs are hard to come by, you’ve got a set of skills that you’ve been trained for through school and/or previous work experience, and you certainly have some expertise in an area that others could use you for. So why not put those great skills to use immediately, and begin helping others while bringing in some extra cash?

If you’ve decided that you want to start freelancing, that’s awesome (and it puts a HUUUGGEEE smile on my face)!

First things first – if you’ve currently got a “real job,” make sure to check with your employer to be certain that there won’t be any issues with you working the side gig! Being sneaky about moonlighting will only end up with you either getting fired, or simply feeling paranoid and guilty all the time. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you’re employer-free, then you’re good to go! Let’s find you your first client!

“How do I start?” – you

This is one of my favorite questions (and one of the most frequent that I receive), because this is what I’m best at: getting you started!

Whether you’re a graphic designer, marketing consultant, personal fitness trainer, yoga instructor, rodeo clown, or barista, there are ways for you to get the word out about what you’re good at and what you can do to help others (and you can get paid to do so)!

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