Analysis Paralysis And How To Conquer The Fear Of Failure

This is guest post from Isaac Moche of The Campus Companion.

My roommate, Dan, is an inventor. At least he thinks he’s one. Funny thing is, I’ve never seen him actually invent anything. Every time I talk to him, I hear about the next big idea that’s “definitely going to change the world”. Some of his ideas are great. Others…not so much. But they all have the same thing in common: You’ll never get to use them, because these inventions will never see the light of day.

Dan has analysis paralysis, which means he overthinks ideas to the point of never taking action on anything at all.  His analysis paralysis manifests itself as “market research.”

What does yours go by?

It might sound crazy, but you’re probably guilty of this too.  You might not be contemplating ways to change the world, but chances are there’s some great idea hiding out in your brain, just waiting to break free. Read More…

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