6 Simple Ways To Deal With A Disgusting Roommate Once And For All

So, your roommate is gross. Unhygienic. Filthy.

A glob of mobile flesh surrounded by a thin (or thick) layer of dirt. It’s horrifying, slightly nauseating, and the main reason you don’t let friends, family, or potential dates visit your room. It’s even messing with your mind.

But what can you do? Your thoughtful, well-meaning suggestions that they “tidy up a bit” are waved off by a Cheeto-covered hand, or shrugged off by shoulders encased in a shirt that hasn’t seen the light of detergent since his/her mom last washed it. In September.

Time to take action. Read More…

More Internship Hunting Tips For N00bs

Internships are like steroids for any resume, and like all steroids, they come with different strengths. So working for the NIH (National Institute of Health) on groundbreaking cancer research as a pre-med student from Johns Hopkins is more badass than interning at the Humane Society in your hometown (the only place that would accept your unqualified ass if you’re studying creative writing) Read More…

Five Study Tips To Beat Down Distractions

The end of the year is almost upon is. Just a couple weeks remain before we can kick back and think no more of tests and group projects – but until then, it’s time to buckle down. Distractions are everywhere, your roommates are annoying you, and seemingly everything is vying for the time you should be spending with your books and notes. Here are five study tips to minimize or eliminate these distractions and make the most out of these last couple weeks. Read More…

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