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Why Might Be The Greatest Music Web App Ever

Where do you have more fun listening to music: sitting at your desk by yourself, or at a party with all your friends?

Of course music is more fun with your friends! This is especially true if your friends have good taste in music. Given this principle, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way you and your friends could take turns playing songs – even if you were miles away from each other?

This is exactly what does. The “social DJ’ing” website allows you to enter one of dozens of rooms, each of which has five DJ stations. You can either choose to be a DJ and get yourself in the playlist rotation, or you can simply chill out and enjoy the selections of your peers. This is music at its finest; finally, you can skip the time-consuming task of building a playlist, but at least have control over who chooses the playlist for you!

This is what the DJ stage looks like is, in my book, on par with Grooveshark for it’s allure as a music app. While Grooveshark offers the most robust and complete internet music experience, is simply revolutionary (well, not revolutionary – but the other site that did this has died and I forgot the name). The site lets you queue up a list of songs, either by search their database or by uploading your own files. If you’re “up on stage” as a DJ, then your songs will play one at a time every time it’s your turn. It truly does create a social DJ’ing experience. I’m not the only one who loves this service – even Gary Vaynerchuk is getting into it:


Every time a new song is playing, the rating needle at the bottom of the room resets back to neutral. Each listener has the option of rating the song “Awesome” or “Lame”. Listeners who rate a song as “Awesome” will bob their head along with the music – a nice social gesture that encourages you to play the good stuff.

If a song is rated “Lame” by too many people, it will be skipped. That way, you don’t have to suffer too long when some jerk comes in and starts rickrolling everyone.

Rating System
The super-simple rating system. has created THE social music experience. No longer are we limited to just sharing links to songs we like – we can actually play them among friends and rock out together.

Currently, is in beta – which means it’s invite-only. However, getting an invite is actually really easy; all you need is a Facebook friend who’s already using it.

You can get a invite by adding me as a friend.

Just add a message to your friend request that says “Turntable invite”. I usually hang out in the Coding Soundtrack and Electronica Oasis rooms. Hope to see you there soon!