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Who needs tech support?

If, and I quote, “your computer messes with you interface, and ain’t compatible with your RAM or something,” then YouTuber Steve McGranahan, “World’s Strongest Redneck”, has a fix for you.

This is probably the stupidest yet funniest video I’ve seen all day. Not because it’s actually funny, but because he has an entire channel with dozens of videos just like this. The South may not be bright, but it sure is entertaining. I found this channel after RayWilliamJohnson featured another video of him trimming his hedges by swinging a chainsaw around on a rope. I think I was hooked after he decided to sand the surface of a table by putting in on a road, sitting on it, and pulling himself along by grabbing the back of his friend’s truck with pliers. That’s proof that innovation isn’t taught in school, dammit.