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Want To Write For College Info Geek?

Calling all aspiring bloggers and college life-hackers! Want to build your writing skills, gain exposure, and have something to add to your resume? We’re looking to add another writer to our team. If you have an interest in technology, life-hacking, or other college-centric subjects, and you can write well, you’ll be a perfect fit.  Send a sample article to [email protected] and show us what you’ve got!

Sample articles should be centered around a subject related to college tips, technology, studying, internships, and similar areas. Please note that we don’t post articles about drinking or other “sketchy” activities – we’ll leave that to College Humor and it’s much greater traffic flow. Make sure you pay attention to spelling and grammar!

Being a part of our team will give you the opportunity to help build this blog from the ground up, and you’ll be able to go wherever it goes. If the prospect of working on a large, visible project appeals to you, we’d love to hear from you!