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Vote For Adobe Imagination Challenge Finalists!

After seeing two months chock-full of amazing entries, the judges behind the Adobe Imagination Challenge have picked their finalists. Now, it’s time for you to have your say and vote for your favorite entry. Did I mention you can win $50 just for voting? Read on.

The votes for the first four rounds are in, and the celebrity judges have also thrown in their opinions. We’re now down to the Student Choice round, and the winner of the $10,000 prize will be decided by your votes. If you have a friend in the finals, now is the time to support them. If not, just pick something you like! Every day you vote, you have the chance of winning a $50 gift card. It’s almost like applying for a scholarship; on the off chance you win, it’s like making $3,000 an hour (assuming it takes a minute to vote). So yeah. Take some time, view the entries, and help be part of the deciding force. There’s some really great stuff in the gallery to check out.

Oh, by the way: this is our 200th post. Never thought we’d make it this far. Feels good man.