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This Laptop Has RIDICULOUS Battery Life. Also, Wanna Win One?

This post is part of program called “Charged and Ready” by Sony Electronics and Microsoft, where a group of college bloggers have been given a Sony VAIO-S series laptop to test and review.

Remember that Sony S-series laptop I unboxed a couple of weeks ago? Well, I’ve finally gotten a chance to test out its battery capabilities against those of my trusty Macbook Pro. In short, the results are quite awesome.

Since I’m currently doing full-time internship, I didn’t really have time to get out and use the laptop for a good chunk of time. Therefore, I set up a steam of the laptop’s screen at home, and set it to continuously play movie trailers on YouTube until the battery died. If I was away from the laptop, I’d periodically use the LogMeIn app on my iPhone to check the battery’s percentage. When it was almost depleted, I’d snap a screenshot.

In addition to testing the Sony in four different configurations, I tested my Macbook Pro, which just got a new battery. Check out the video below to see my findings. You can also view the gallery below the video to see the actual screenshots I took as the battery was dying.

Before you check out the results, however, I’ve got a little announcement to make…

Sony and Microsoft are Putting a Laptop Up For Grabs.

Yep. From now until 7pm on July 17th, you can enter to win a Sony S Series laptop AND an external sheet battery just by leaving a comment on the contest announcement blog post. In your comment, you should say what you would do if you could go a whole day without needing to charge your laptop. Get all the details at the posts itself. Good luck!

By the way, you can still get the extended battery for free if you get a laptop from Sony’s website.

Onto the results…