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Study Album of the Week: OCRemix – “Pokemon: The Missingno Tracks”

Did you ever play Pokemon as a kid? Yeah, you know you did – don’t deny it. You were probably obsessed with it; you probably had Red, Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum all tucked together nicely in your Game Boy case. Every day on the bus to school you’d play it. You probably had all eight badges, and you even knew how to find Missingno.

Or is that just me?

Either way, this week’s study album review is about a Pokemon album. I realize this is probably a pretty polarizing statement – if you’re one of those close-minded jocks who isn’t secure enough in his masculinity to be caught playing games about cute little animals that beat the crap out of each other, then by all means head over to one of our more normal study album reviews.

If, however, the prospect of kiddie subject material doesn’t deter you from trying out a superbly varied collection of free music, read on.

Yes, you read that right – “Pokemon: The Missingno Tracks” is a completely free album. That’s because it was created by the fine artists over at OverClocked Remix, a website dedicated to remixing video game music. OCRemix has been around for over 10 years, in fact, and has produced over 2,500 free remixes and 56 complete albums (also free). Due to its rigorous judging process and its tight-knit community of insanely talented artists, OCRemix generally produces nothing but awesomeness. This album is no exception.

If you are like me and played a lot of Pokemon as a kid, you’ll probably remember the simple, 8-bit music that accompanied the game quite fondly. This album takes a good chunk of the music from the Red/Blue era and the Gold/Silver era and serves up 27 varied remixes. There are techno chiptune mixes, jazz mixes, and even piano ballads. A few of the tracks feature vocals, but most of them are instrumental.

Missingno Tracks cover

I won’t go too much into detail about the tracks; you can simply listen to them yourself and discover the ones you like. Check out the preview songs I’ve put in the Grooveshark widget, and if you like what you hear, you can get the whole album at the Missingno Tracks website. Since these tracks are completely free, don’t worry about downloading the torrent. It’s completely legal.

Lastly, if you enjoy this album, be sure to check out the other music at OCRemix as well. A lot of it is simply amazing, and we’ll probably feature a good amount of it in the future!