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Study Album of the Week – Movies?

No, this isn’t about an album titled “Movies“. This week’s study album of the week isn’t actually an album – it’s not even music.

Since I’ve been spending my days in a cubicle, I’ve found that music doesn’t always provide enough “intellectual stimulation” to keep me entertained. I had been listening to my huge interlude list for about a week, and music was simply starting to bore me when listened to for long periods. Therefore, I began to pursue other options. I started listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and lots of interviews on However, there is one source of audio that has risen to the top, and that’s Listen to a Movie.

Listen to a Movie is a website that lets you do exactly what you think it lets you do – it lets you listen to movies. It’s a repository of the audio from thousands of movies, all of which are totally free to listen to. Some of the movies on the site even include DVD commentary, which is even more fun to listen to. The site also features audio from TV shows and stand-up comedy.

Listen to a Movie
Listen to a Movie

Obviously, listening to a movie you’ve never seen before is a pretty stupid idea. However, it’s actually really nice to listen to a movie you know well while you’re working. It’s almost like throwing on a familiar movie while you study, except you literally can’t look up and get distracted watching the movie.

Is this type of audio for everyone? No – surely some people would find listening to movies without watching them to be annoying. I, however, am not one of those people, and I really enjoy this site. Try it out and see what you think!