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Study Album Of The Week: DJ Krush – “Jaku”

If you haven’t noticed, lately we’ve been featuring lots of study music that doesn’t really seem like, well, “study” music. To rectify that, last week I decided to split off our music reviews into two camps – study music, and the as-of-yet-to-be-named “non-study” music.

After last weeks’ big pump-up playlist, I decided that this week’s review should fall squarely in the “study” music category. With that in mind, I went off scouring the internetz for something instrumental. After a tireless, 178- hour non-stop search session – after sifting through pile after digital pile of crap – after overcoming all the odds – I’ve found the perfect album for this week’s review.

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, DJ Krush (Hideaki Ishi) is an electronic musician who creates instrumental hip-hop and trip-hop. A good amount of his music incorporates jazz and soul samples. “Jaku”, his eighth studio album and the focus of this week’s review, however, doesn’t have that jazz/soul foundation. Instead, DJ Krush created a decidedly eastern vibe on this album, which incorporates a lot of traditional Japanese instruments into its instrumental trip-hop mix.

There are two tracks here with vocals – “Nosferatu” and “Kill Switch” – while both are good, they definitely aren’t the stars of the show here. This album is at its best during its ambient moments, although songs like “Univerth”, with its heavy beats, are also great.

This album really is something great for studying. Pull out the two vocal tracks will give you a nice, long ambient trip-hop album that should help you while away the inevitable hours of studying that await just a few short weeks in the future. Check out the sample playlist above, and get the album on Amazon if you like.