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Photoshop Touch Is Out – Now You Can ‘Shop Yourself Into A Jet Fighter On Your Tablet!

Hey guess what? This post has a contest attached to it. I figured you wouldn’t know that unless I told you right up front, so there. Read on to find out how to win free stuff.

I think my favorite book opening of all time comes from Maddox’s The Alphabet of Manliness, and it goes like this:

“It’s 3AM and I’m photoshopping a picture of a Shaolin Monk to make it look like he’s headbutting a small child.”

What a good way to open a book. Even before I got to all the manly, offensive goodness, I knew it would be funny.

Ok, that’s not really the point of this article – but it does mention Photoshop. Which brings me to my next point – Photoshop Touch was recently released for the iPad and Android tablets! So now you can ‘shop pictures of Shaolin monks, put your face on a jet fighter, or even do more serious work right from your seat in the lecture hall. Or the bus. Or on the bike at the gym (I guess – I mean, you might get the screen sweaty).

When I went to Adobe MAX last year, I was a little dismayed to find out that most of the Adobe Touch Apps were limited to Android tablets. However, the iPad version is here now, so users of both platforms can start doing more creative work on tablets.

Photoshop Touch doesn’t have every feature that the desktop version has, but it’s got enough for basic edits, including layers, drawing and pen tools, filters, and lots of other stuff. It also syncs with the Adobe Creative Cloud, so you can have access to all your files from anywhere. Here’s a live grenade cool video!

Do note that the iPad version of Photoshop Touch only works on the iPad 2 and “The New iPad” (iPad 3). Sorry, iPad 1 users – that ‘ole chip just ain’t gonna cut it for the work Photoshop Touch enables you to do.

You can pick up Photoshop Touch on the iPad App Store or Android Market for $9.99. 

But I Wanna Give You A Copy Fo’ Free.

So here’s the contest. Leave a comment on this post using either the Facebook Comments box or the regular comments box. In your comment, I want to hear you craziest idea for a Photoshopped picture. Ever. I mean, I have my face on a fighter jet up there – but I’m sure you can think of something even better.

If you choose to use the regular comment form, make sure you enter the email you want me to contact you with in case you win.

That’s it! The contest ends at 5:23 PM on Friday, March 9th. (I’m leaving for SXSW on Saturday, so I’d like to wrap this up before then) At that time, I’ll pick a random winner and send that person a $10 iTunes gift card. 

So let’s hear those ideas.