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People I’m Thankful For

This blog may be a one-man operation, but I’d be kidding myself if I thought I did it all on my own. Both this blog that you’re reading, as well as all of my own personal accomplishments, are the result of the help, inspiration, advice, and feedback I’ve received from all the amazing people I’m lucky enough to have relationships with.

Here I’ll attempt to list everyone who has been and continues to be a positive influence in my life (in no particular order). If you think you should be on this list but aren’t currently, please forgive my tragically limited cognitive ability to remember names. I’ll keep updating this page as time goes on, and you’re more than welcome to jog my memory for me.

To everyone on this list, thank you. You’re all amazing.

I’m Thankful For…

Kelly Sutton for founding HackCollege and opening my eyes to what’s possible for college students who are willing to go after a dream.

Shep McAllister, firstly for rejecting my HackCollege writer application and giving me the motivation to start this site, and secondly for being an amazing friend and source of inspiration over the past few years.

Adam Shannon for doing all the heavy PHP lifting back in high school. If I didn’t have your old code to study, I probably would have never learned PHP in the first place. I’ve saved so much by not having to hire coders…

Andrew Holcomb for helping me get CIG off the ground. I’m sticking with my Apple products, but I still love you.

Alex Mangini for being the first person to teach me about blogging (when you were freakin’ 16 years old). Also for letting me crash on your couch, and probably lots of other things. Stop being so fucking awesome. (just kidding)

Derek Jensen for constantly reminding me to KISS. Also for cool music playlists and design inspiration.

Anna Ellenberger for being the most amazing girlfriend ever, and for dealing with my decidedly Vulcan mind, and for making fart noises with me at 2 a.m.

William Riley for all the love letters.

Mrs. Cowger for putting me through the hell that is 11th grade Honors English I, and for teaching me how to write. Mr. Cowger for making the following two classes much more fun.

Ryan Nguyen for providing some amazing content, and for sporting the 2nd CIG shirt, and for being awesome.

Bud Hennekes for providing more encouragement and cheering louder than any sane person would, and for being an amazing inspiration.

Sean Davis for all the Instagram selfies that guilt me into working out. Volatyl rocks as well.

Zach Westpfahl for, well…. being Zach Westpfahl.

Quinton Rau for being the unofficial mascot of College Info Geek, and for being ok with me ironically putting your face on my credit card and making waiters think we’re gay together.

Steve Kamb for making the best fitness website on the internet, and for all the amazing advice.

Joel Runyon for designing my favorite t-shirt in the world.

Martin Boehme for being so damn cute.

Corbett Barr for teaching me to write epic shit.

Pat Flynn for teaching me to be transparent and give away every detail, and for leading by example.

Srinivas Rao for teaching me how to surf and not laughing too much when I bailed every time. I swear I’ll do better when I my ankle isn’t sprained.

Lauryn Ashley for being the coolest entrepreneur/anime nerd/fellow Sherlock fan/blogger I know. As a Ravenclaw, I can see why we hit it off so well 😉

Bobby Adamson for killin’ it.

みさき for the best airport hug ever. Can’t wait to see you again.

Marcus Sheridan for showing me how public speaking is truly done. I’m definitely going to steal some of your tactics; hope you don’t mind.

Cassidy Williams for constantly keeping me on my toes and being so awesome. You’re the model every ISU student should look up to.

Randy Nyberg for being an awesome mentor.

Jinji for all the awesome nights staying up until 4 a.m. playing Saint’s Row, and for singing the Pokemon song with me out the windows of my car. Oh, and for getting me drinks at work.

Josh Ingalls for hiring me based on gut feelings.

Christopher Anderson for being the most down-to-earth, caring, helpful professor of my entire college career. And for the “K-Mart Lifer” story that still gives me nightmares to this day.

Brandon Fisher for being mad at everything.

Rachel Edge for being a terrific Cyclone Aide buddy.

Rob Hanson for hitting it like a bad baby, and for teaching me to juggle.

Lauren Gabel for not tattling on me when I skipped 11 o’clock rounds, and for the ninja duck, and for being awesome.

Jeff Sorensen for hiring me when I was clearly under-qualified. I learned so much by floundering around in code I didn’t understand.

Caprice McGuire for not killing me when I got drunk, locked all of us out of her apartment by accident, and made us wait two hours for a locksmith to let us back in.

Mom for always supporting me, teaching me how to be good with money, and a million other things.

Dad for teaching me to fight, forcing me to write book reports on science books at age 10, and a million other things.

Brian Frank for being an awesome brother. You’re right, I can’t copy your swag.

Colleen Riker for the amazing logo, and for all the fun times designing web sites in high school.

Jack Barringer for inspiration, advice, connections, and lots of other things.

Halley Bass, Jennifer Wiggins, and the rest of the Ivy team for all the awesome connections and opportunities that helped me get this far in the first place.

Linda Brown for a fantastic chapter of my life, and for teaching me to cook stuff.

Brad Martin for going skydiving with me and being a badass.

John Recker for being the only landlord on this planet that could possibly live next to us and not kick us out immediately. Seriously, how do you deal with it?

Dallas J. Moore for showing me that it’s ok to have your own style. As long as you’re providing value, you can dress as crazy as you want.

Danielle Cleveland for making college amazing right from the start. I miss you.

Mary Harmon for being the best little sister ever.

Jesse Thornsen for not writing us up that one time we all named our wireless networks “I can hear you having sex”.

Hailey Gross for guilt-tripping me into including you on this thank-you page.

Ryan Meyer for doing much more than simply remembering my birthday, and giving me the reason to travel to a new country, and other cute things. 日本に行きましょう!

Matt Giovanisci for taking 3 hours of my day every time we talk on Skype.

Andrew Fiebert for constantly yelling at me to hire people and improve my processes, and for letting me blab about stuff on yet another podcast.

Caleb Wojcik for teaching me about that Premiere trick.

Luke Sizemore for helping me seriously up my audio game, and for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive all year round.

Aaron Peterson for being a Patreon supporter when I didn’t even ask for Patreon supporters.

T. Michael Martin for giving me the chance to do my first truly collaborative work on YouTube.

Satchell Drakes for ridiculous video inspiration and awesome 2 a.m Chinese food.

Rahemma Mayfield for AWESOME professional headshots.